The Marks

RightNow Media® has become a trusted brand around the world. One way we can maintain that trust with our customers and partners is to have a consistent global brand identity. To that end, we kindly ask that anyone partnering with us and using the marks of our brand respect a few simple guidelines. Below you will see our wordmark and our icon. The remainder of this page will outline the various ways you may and may not use these marks.


Our marks are beautiful and we know it can be a real temptation to get cozy with them, but they called and asked us to tell you to give them a little space. An easy rule of thumb is to leave a cushion of at least the height and width of the “r” all around the mark. We have a few letters that like to think outside of the box (i,g,h,t) so please measure from the top and bottom of the other letters. This will ensure good visual balance and proper respect of personal boundaries.
It can be particularly difficult to strike a visual balance when using the RightNow Media icon. But fear not—we’ve employed the brightest minds in the design world and have discovered a few simple tricks to help you out. In general, when giving space around the icon we’ll use the width of the positive space next to the “r” (see diagram below). When fitting the icon as a standalone mark amongst other content, be sure to include a double portion of space to the left of the icon. We call this “leaving room for the Holy Spirit”.
When fitting the icon into a perfect square or circle we’ll need to employ a couple different tricks to ensure the mark is balanced within the container. In a square, make sure the top, bottom, and right sides of the square are the same distance from the mark—the left side will take care of its self. When placing the mark in a circle be sure to keep the points of the triangle the same distance from the outer edge of the circle.

Coloring the Marks

Our colors are awesome. They’re like delicious ingredients in our brand pantry, but cooking without a recipe always results in disaster. So that our marks can shine in all of their delicious glory, we ask that you use our colors in precisely these ways.
When the background is RNM Orange, only use a white mark.
When the background is white, you may use either the RNM Orange or RNM Black marks.
When the background is black, only use a white mark.
When the background is a photograph or gradient, only use a white mark.
Don’t ever do this ^.
Are our brand colors not good enough for you?
Don’t even think about it.
This isn’t even funny.

Using the Marks

Let’s make a deal. We promise to never take your logo and modify it in any unapproved ways if you’ll do the same for us. Below are the only three approved marks. Please don't ever modify or (heaven forbid) combine any of the marks—they really don't get along with each other.*
*Update: Our marks are currently working through the RightNow Media Original series Love Talk by Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott and are learning to effectively communicate with eachother.